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Our sales skyrocketed after implementing his copywriting strategies. Highly recommended!"

"Aqib is very dedicated, focused and committed professional.

He knows his way around cold emailing. His knowledge is outstanding. Communication is clear and to the point. Always willing to go beyond to improve the performance."

"Aqib is exactly what you look for in a new employee, he has a wealth of experience and a lot of integrity!

He helped us alot with setting up latest best practices for our marketing and appointment setting as he is always up to date with the latest trends and techniques. His constant striving for more knowledge and improvement is very inspiring.

He would fit seamlessly into any organization that needs help with their lead gen and sales conversions. His work ethic is insane and he is very, very productive especially with his attention to detail and making sure that no mistakes are made. ”

Robert Mitchell, Award-Winning Serial Entrepreneur & Success Coach

- Abhishek Patra | Zoronto

- Neil Young | Advanced Alpha

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