Give me 14 days & I'll create 5-figure cash windfalls for you... Afterward, you just cut me a % of the revenue…

Mission: Add $100k or more monthly revenue to your business in 60 to 90 days from the time we work together.

How: I’ll 100% fund and manage the “RCS=Revenue Capture System with PROVEN A3 FRAMEWORK” to enroll people into your high-ticket programs from your subscribers.

For High-ticket course creators or Mastermind Owners with a $1K-$50K offer and want to sell more without sales calls...

Don't just take my word for it.

Here's what my clients have to say:

"Working with S M Aqib Murshed was a game-changer for our business.

Our sales skyrocketed after implementing his copywriting strategies. Highly recommended!"

"Aqib is very dedicated, focused and committed professional.

He knows his way around cold emailing. His knowledge is outstanding. Communication is clear and to the point. Always willing to go beyond to improve the performance."

"Aqib is exactly what you look for in a new employee, he has a wealth of experience and a lot of integrity!

He helped us alot with setting up latest best practices for our marketing and appointment setting as he is always up to date with the latest trends and techniques. His constant striving for more knowledge and improvement is very inspiring.

He would fit seamlessly into any organization that needs help with their lead gen and sales conversions. His work ethic is insane and he is very, very productive especially with his attention to detail and making sure that no mistakes are made. ”

Robert Mitchell, Award-Winning Serial Entrepreneur & Success Coach

- Abhishek Patra | Zoronto

- Neil Young | Advanced Alpha

  • I'm seeking partners who have proven expertise, know they have a fortune locked up in their email list and want to focus on servicing their clients rather than adding more campaigns, hiring and managing salespeople, etc.

  • Most partners are likely already successful on one or two marketing channels such as Facebook or may even have a powerful sales team… this is perfect.

  • I’m not looking to “improve” or “take away” from what these partners are already doing.

  • I simply to ADD an additional sales campaign to their business with zero financial risk on their end.

  • Most importantly, without adding to their already crammed business schedule and to-do list.

Who I’m looking for:

  • I’m confident in what I do and may be one of the only people on the planet who does it.

  • My modesty withstanding… When I bring in $100k in a month in revenue for a partner, which the partner may have never had without my help, I want someone who gleefully (not begrudgingly) sends me a payment for our agreed % of the revenue share. (There’s a lot more where that came from!)

  • If a partner does all kinds of crap on me when it’s time for them to send my share, we won’t be partnering for very long.

It’s crucial I partner with someone who won’t get their nose bent out of shape when we both make a lot of money.

  • You have at least 2+ years of experience in delivering your expertise.

  • You must have an email list of buyers, not just prospects, but buyers… and they’re happy with you. Happy buyers are the best proof your stuff works.

  • You’ve already got an offering in the range of (ideally) $2.5k to $30k or more.

  • You must be okay with me doing 100% everything turnkey for you. In fact, I don’t just request this permission, I demand it. I want you to sit back, have a glass of wine while we enroll people. You’ll work hard to deliver your expertise to them soon enough. This means you’ll have to set up access for our team to come in and do what we do.

While I’d love to help everyone,

Here’re some assets we need to start:

Partners who’re in “scarcity” mode or control freaks about giving access to email lists or customer lists won’t be a good fit.

  • Offer framing, posting, testing

  • Funnel and copywriting

  • Project management

  • Conversion Captions, hand-raisers, Emails & Stories for your offer

  • Chat Closing

  • Ongoing management of all the above, so all you have to do is service your clients.

What exactly do I fund:

  • I’m NOT looking for equity in your company.

  • I’d simply want a revenue share of each dollar we bring in for you (and to be paid on time).

  • I only get paid after you get paid first.

  • The revenue share percentage varies.

  • Because every business is different, we structure our agreements on a case-by-case scenario.

What I’ll get out of the deal:

1. Do you require money upfront?


  • No. I’m truly investing money, time, years of expertise and more in your business.

  • You get paid first, I get paid later.

  • To be clear, If we “bomb” and do zero sales, you don’t owe me anything.

  • The upside is all yours.

  • I always set up our partnership as a “first date” to start where we run a test campaign, make some money together and we both get to try each other on.

  • If I don’t crew with my mouth open on our date and we’ve got good chemistry, then we’ll decide if we should “go steady” or part as friends.

3. What exactly is this “Revenue Capture System” about?

2. What if I don’t like working with you after we start?

  • I’ve tried this to enroll clients and customers into $1k to $30k programs without sales calls, webinars, or virtual events for clients.

  • We use the written word via email, social conversion captions, hand-raisers and DM to presell and sell (enroll).

  • In short, we’ve pioneered how to Pareto (80/20) out the "webinar to strategy session funnel” to the bare essentials so we can just use the written word to enroll clients into premium programs up to $30,000.

4. We typically do this in 3 steps in a process we call the “A3”.

  • A1 is Attention Pre-selling and getting HAND RAISERS.

  • A2 is Affirmation

  • A3 is Action - Offer, answer questions and enroll We can “deploy” our “A3” from email, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook groups or anywhere there is an engaged audience.

5. How do I know you will enroll clients which are a good fit?

  • First, we’ll get clear on who are and have been your BEST clients now and in the past.

  • Then we’ve got client qualification and selection down to a science in the way we ask questions and read between the lines on how and in what manner people respond.

  • We also check Facebook profiles and more.

  • Like any qualification process, including our partners doing their own strategy sessions over the phone, once in a while, we may let a “not so good” apple through.

6. I’ve got a question not covered here.

  • That’s to be expected.

  • There’re a few details like handing refunds, the timing of our campaigns so they don’t conflict with yours, etc.

  • Which I more than likely have the answer to, but is different for every partner.

  • Happy to handle them if it makes sense to move forward.

If It Makes Sense to Move Forward?

Here’s What to Do Next…

  1. Just DM me on WhatsApp at +880 1687141916

  2. I’ll answer any questions and I’ll have a brunch of my own

  3. If it makes sense to go on a “first date” we’ll set it up

I’d be surprised if you didn’t have questions you need to be answered before making a commitment.
But if it makes sense so far, and you meet the qualifications above and want to move forward…

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