How an irresistible Facebook ad copy influenced a new health booster product and destroyed the competition for one of my clients like a BOSS

It was one of those days where nothing was going right…

Recently my client launched a supplement and overnight the competitors stole the idea and created an exact replica.

Not only was the copy an EXACT match, but they also undercut my client’s price by 30%.

I was fuming. How could they do this?

My client worked so hard on this product and now it was being ruined by some knock-off version.

I tried to come up with different ways to sell my client’s product, but no matter what I came up with…

The 30% discount always made my client’s product look bad in comparison.

I was stuck.

That’s when I remembered something important…

The power of words.

I went back to the drawing board and this time, I thought about how to make my client’s product look better than the competitors.

But this time, I also thought about how to make the customer feel better…

I came up with some copy that focused on the positive benefits of taking my client’s supplement.

I talked about how it could help people feel more energetic, motivated, and happy.

Then boom, it hit me.

I realized that I could use the power of words to not only make my client’s product look good, but to also help people see the best in themselves.

Through my copy, I was able to change people’s perspectives and help them see the potential for things to get better.


Again new problem comes, how can we make sure that the product is delivering the desired effect?

So I told my client about a growth hack…

We started a new product that matches my copy and satisfies customers’ needs.

After a week of using the new product, customers started giving us feedback like never before.

People were telling us how our product had helped them feel more energetic, motivated, and happy…

While our competitors were struggling with the old product…

we had already started production on our new product which worked well with the old one.

In the end, we not only destroyed the competition but also created a product that helped people see their potential.

And that is the power of words.

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